Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jewish mathematician caught editing Alex Jones Wikipedia page

Upon inspection of the Alex Jones Wikipedia page history, mathematician Arthur Rubin appears multiple times editing information that puts Alex in a negative or critical light.

Normally, a Jewish person editing a Wikipedia page wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, but in the case of Alex Jones, who has bee under the patriot community microscope for several years and suspected of possibly being a Zionist shill, Rubin’s involvement on Jones’ Wikipedia page is suspicious at the very least.

Interestingly, there are those that claim Jones is a Zionist agent, working for the benefit of Israel. On the other hand, there are those that claim Alex Jones’ anti-New World Order stance is anti-Semitic in nature. The latter would appear to clear Alex Jones of the former. For this reason, any Jewish interest in Alex Jones is of note.

Here are about half a dozen edits by Rubin:

Rubin completely removes the following, which is critical of Jones’ screening and on-air behaviour with callers.

“On his syndicated radio show, Jones is noted for allowing on callers who question his stance on certain topics. However, once Jones allows such callers to utter one or two sentences, he is known for going on a screaming diatribe that often has nothing to do with the substance of the caller's topic.” –Removed

The following was posted and later removed by Rubin:

“In 1993. After high school he briefly attended [[Austin Community College]] because he couldn't get into a University.” – Self edited

More removals by Rubin:

“( He appears on the nationally syndicated radio show, Coast to CoastAM with George Noory” – Removed

The above removal is interesting, considering the fact that the head of truthtellers, Rev. Ted Pike, has now spoken out against Alex Jones. Pike made several appearances on the Alex Jones show and has since called out Alex Jones for being soft on Israel and the Jewish question.

“In late 1999 Jones' show was accused of fear mongering and spreading [[Y2k]] hysteria. In his show on December 31st, 1999, he claimed that nuclear war was on the horizon, and that nuclear power plant meltdowns, gas and water shortages had been caused by the Y2k bug.(” – Removed

“( Michelle Goldberg has stated in ''[[The New Republic]]'' that Jones represents "an old strain of American conservatism--isolationist, anti-Wall Street, paranoid about elite conspiracies--that last flowered during the [[John Birch Society]]’s heyday."( - Removed

“In 2007, Jones had an interview with Noam Chomsky on his radio show and disagreed with him on gun violence in United States and England. After Chomsky left the interview, he went on a rant denigrating Chomsky. But what Chomsky said was factually accurate and Jones's rant was completely baseless though he sounded like he was speaking the truth thus misinforming his audience. Jones's assertion of gun violence and confiscation of guns in London was not verifiable.” – Removed

In one instance, a reference to prominent alternative thinker David Icke is removed by Rubin when referring to other anti-NWO patriots. Additionally, Rubin removed a reference which referred to Alex Jones as an actor in a long line of occupational descriptions.

What’s more, Alex Jones has had upwards of 19 Jewish advertizers in his vast alternative media empire. His wife is Jewish, his political stance is pro-Israel, and he spends a lot of time entertaining discussions of long-dead Nazis and Germanic Death Cults running a global conspiracy.

According to Rubin’s own Wikipedia page, he earned a PH.d at the California Institute of Technology, and ran for the California State Assembly (55th district) on the Libertarian Party ticket in the early 1980s.

-- T. Fitzpatrick

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Will Texe Marrs be the next to leave Jonestown?

Over the last two months, two prominent U.S. patriot voices have spoken out against popular radio show host Alex Jones over his alleged Zionist shilling and it leaves one wondering who will be next.

Reverend Ted Pike of the National Prayer Network is the latest voice to speak out against Alex Jones, his silence on the Jewish question, his vague and untimely criticism of Israel, and his defense of the terrible Flotilla incident.

Before Pike, it was Michael Rivero, webmaster of, who could not stand the counter-intelligence put out by Jones and the GCN Network. Rivero has now left GCN and joined RBN with Jeff Rense, another patriot voice who worked in tandem with Alex Jones on the Genesis Communications Network.

There isn't much left of GCN. Jones seems to have segregated himself by not discussing the Jewish question and instead speaking vaguely of an all-encompassing, faceless conspiracy with no names and no real identity. Jones has his listeners believing that the allegedly "Germanic" Bilderbergers and Dick Cheney are running the New World Order conspiracy.

But there is one person left in the Jones camp: Texe Marrs, a Texan pastor and long-time friend of Alex Jones. Jones' earlier video presentations strongly resembled those of Marrs and Marrs is said to have wed Alex with his Jewish wife Violet (Kelly). Marrs and Jones both live in Austin, Texas.

Many in the patriot community, who have long known Alex to be a Zionist (now confirmed by old footage of Alex talking of his Zionism), have been questioning Marrs and why he hasn't disassociated from Jones. Marrs's informative radio shows and documentaries certainly do not refrain from exposing Israel, the Jewish religion, and the Zionist movement, so why is Marrs still hanging on?

Marrs came close at one point with the Jason Bermas incident last year n Bermas virtually exposed himself as a Zionist, and Texe Marrs publicly called him out on it. But Marrs went no further than that and to the source, which was really Alex Jones. Bermas was speaking as a co-host on the Alex Jones show at the time of the incident. Bermas basically called all critics of Israel the magical and all-too cliche smear "Anti-Semitic," and told an anti-Israel caller to kill himself by putting a toaster in the bathtub with him.

When will Marrs speak out? What is he waiting for?

Perhaps Pike, a Christian like Marrs, and his recent public outcry will pave the way for Marrs to realize that Jones has taken advantage of Marrs' loyalty and friendship for too long.

The Alex Jones ship continues to sink further and further. Jones has lost respect everywhere you look. He has a real lack of balanced guests on his show, his listeners are naive and anarchistic, and academic types laugh at him; however, Jones and GCN have a full slate of high-paying advertizers and the mainstream media and Hollywood seem to have an affinity for Jones. Don't count on the recent departures from GCN shutting down Jonestown.

-- T. Fitzpatrick

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WTC Mosque benefits International Jews

The time couldn't be any more perfect than right now for the "terror" from the 9/11 WTC attacks to be refreshed in the minds of Americans with short memories.

With the fear and panic that resulted from the 9/11 attacks waning, the Jewish lobby in the U.S.A. had to come up with a creative way of reinvigorating their golden child of false flagging. In comes the Islamic Mosque idea, which is infuriating the masses -- as they have always perceived the 9/11 attacks, not as an attack by terrorists, but as an attack by the religion of Islam. And what better way to enrage Americans than to build a monument at Ground Zero in honour of the religion of the men who allegedly brought down the Twin Towers.

Among those few Americans who have questioned the official story behind the WTC attacks, many have been led to believe that the U.S. government, and only the U.S. government, was behind the attack, for various reasons, including as a pretext to invade the Middle East to get the oil, and as a means to bring in draconian legislation (Patriot Act I and II). All of this being ingrained into the minds by so-called patriot leaders like Alex Jones and many others who are trusted as truth tellers.

But what is happening today is their popularity is on the decline and the Jewish conspiracy claims are actually gaining popularity -- particularly the premise that the Israeli Mossad had the motive, engineered, and carried out the 9/11 attacks.

Just when it might be making out to the mainstream that, hey, maybe Israel was behind or at least involved in the WTC attacks, in comes this clever Mosque ploy to steal the attention and reverse what the legitimate patriot community has spent years doing.

Instead of the attention being on the Israeli Mossad, who has a lengthy history of illegal spying and terrorism in and against the United States of America, the attention is now back on the religion of Islam as the biggest threat to the U.S.

The Israeli Mossad, who carry out terrorist attacks, as false flags, around the world. The Mossad is clearly the biggest threat to the United States, and the International Jews have just pulled the wool over the eyes of Americans unbeknownst.

— Timothy Fitzpatrick