Friday, August 13, 2010

Alex Jones promotes Zionist heretics Jeffrey and Missler

Evidence continues to mount against American radio show host and self-proclaimed patriot Alex Jones that he is a counter-intelligence operative working for the state of Israel.

The latest comes from his promotion of Grant R. Jeffrey and his recently made documentary Shadow Government, which has been spammed all over Alex Jones' various websites and forums for the last 8 months.

Jeffrey, a prominent Christian Zionist author, takes the unorthodox futurist view of Bible prophecy that places Jews on a pedestal and as the centre of attention during the alleged future "Last Days."

While similar Christian Zionist authors and TV evangelists have typically shied away from speaking against the 300 plus-year-old Illuminist forces (comprised mainly by Judaics and Freemasons) their Zionist handlers have instructed them to jump on to the "Truth Movement" band wagon as a means to employ their anti-Christian and pro-Jewish propaganda.

Jeffrey's Shadow Government gives a very generic perspective of the "New World Order" and is hardly different from anything the mainstream "Truthers" have been putting out over the last 12 years. The movie has the appearance and feel of several of Alex Jones' films. From the flashy DVD cover to the used car salesman promotion of the video, it appears that Jones' Zionist handlers are using his video producing skills to aid and abet the Christian Zionist branch of the Judeo-Masonic plot.

Chuck Missler, another popular Christian Zionist author and lecturer, is interviewed as some kind of expert in Shadow Government and of course, confirms the Kosher conspiracy view of world events. Missler's credentials may be strong in the academic field but his socio-political affiliations are highly worrisome.

Missler is a member of the Council for National Policy, which is basically Bilderberg lite, and tours the world with ardent ultra-right wing Zionist Jews like "Avi Lipkin." The CNP falls under the umbrella of the Zionist-Illuminati network, which is funny because Missler claims to be exposing and fighting the New World Order.

Missler often blends into his sermons bizarre and extreme views on science and physics, likely as a means to impress and captivate his audience, in preparation for a propaganda blitz. The rest of his sermons are filled with Masonically-inspired prophetical views on the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation.

So here we have Alex Jones promoting the snot out of Shadow Government, despite the fact that only a few months ago, old footage began surfacing on Youtube showing a young Alex Jones saying:

"I want to say this out in the open: I support the state of Israel. They have been in that land, that is their land, and it's the UN that has declared them terrorists, the UN has declared that Israel is acting wrongly, and the UN supports groups that want to dissolve the state of Israel..."

Whew! After years of speculation and what was the most suspected fault in Alex Jones by skeptics not impressed with his charismatic ramblings, the truth finally comes out, but from the past. Isn't that always what ends up happening?

So it really comes as no surprise that Jones is endorsing pro-New World Order snake-oil salesmen, like Grant R. Jeffrey and Chuck Missler. In addition to Jeffrey, Alex Jones has at least 19 Jewish advertisers who regularly promote their products and services on the various Alex Jones websites.

While it has been confirmed that Alex Jones' wife, Violet, is Jewish, it is unknown if Alex has converted to Judaism, if he is a Christian Zionist himself, or if he is aiding Zionist propaganda for monetary gain and/or protection from the Jewish-led New World Order.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Illuminati in trouble in Canada over HST

Politician turned tax resister Bill Vander Zalm announced, moments ago, that Elections BC has declared the anti-HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) petition to be valid, marking the first time such a petition has been passed in the Canadian province.

B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell, a member of the Illuminati's Bilderberg group, secretly cut a deal with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, also a member of the Bilderbergs, to harmonize the provincial and federal sales tax, which since its inception in July, has raised the overall taxes on a number of everyday goods and services.

More than 700,000 residents of the Canadian province signed a petition to repeal the unpopular tax. Vander Zalm and tax resisters have also threatened to recall (impeach) members of B.C.'s Legislative Assembly if they try to sabotage or declare the petition invalid.

Gordon Campbell's "BC Liberals" dominate the Legislative Assembly and have been in power since 2001. Campbell is perhaps B.C.'s most unpopular Premier due to several scandals: his drinking and driving conviction while partying in Hawaii at the expense of tax payers, : selling of BC Rail (Railgate) through insiders, enacting the world's first carbon tax scheme, run-of-the-river power projects (selling off of the people's water to foreign and corporate interests), selling off of BC Hydro (a publicly owned utility), using tax payers' dollars to line the pockets of his crony contractor pals who all got rich with during 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, and controversial and "unnecessary" projects like the retractable roof for the football/soccer stadium, BC Place.

Interestingly, Prime Minister Harper just happened to be "passing" through B.C. today. Could the Illuminati being meeting with Harper and Campbell to devise ways to circumvent B.C.'s recall and petition legislation?

Currently, B.C. is the only province in Canada with the power to recall MLAs. Just by signing their name as a registered voter, residents can literally impeach their elected officials. for any reason.

While the future of the anti-HST petition is unsure as threats of lengthy legal battles loom, tax resisters are threatening to impeach every last MLA in the BC Liberal government.

The Illuminati is clearly in trouble in Canada and it doesn't look like they can come out of this a winner. Consider their options to circumvent democracy:

  • The Campbell-Harper-Bilderberg alliance could somehow ignore or declare the petition invalid or simply delay it in the courts for several years, but what about the recall? The people can simply recall Campbell and his MLAs and replace them with a new government who would then have to eliminate the HST and could as a majority government
  • The Campbell-Harper-Bilderberg alliance could stage a false-flag terrorist attack or some kind of crisis to delay and distract away from the initiative. They could bring martial law directives and the petition would be the least of everyone's worries
  • Bill Vander Zalm could simply be bought out by the Illuminati; however, there would likely be hundreds, if not thousands ready to take his place
However it plays out, it doesn't like good for the Illuminists. Whether it's a complete repeal of the BC HST or a recall of a bunch of MLAs, whatever happens, there will be a huge momentum shift in favour of the people, and other provinces will catch wind and demand similar petition and recall legislation.

What's more important than Prime Minister Harper's Bilderberg membership is his complete allegiance to Canada's powerful Israel/Jewish lobby. Almost every foreign policy directive Harper has made as Prime Minister has been in favour of Israel and Jewish religionists in the country. This comes as a surprise because Harper is allegedly a Christian and the Christian Church is historically anti-Jewish. Has he sold out his own religion, while at the same making unfair policy changes that do a disservice to Canada's Muslim population?

Harper's support for the Harmonized Sales Tax, which exists in Ontario and Quebec as well as B.C., seems eerily inline with sections of the controversial 110-year-old Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which says that powerful Jewish interests in government would incrementally impose and raise taxes on the gentile populations in conjunction with many other directives, as a means to better direct and control them. It further specifically states that wages will not rise at the rate of inflation but would be made to appear so.

Proponents of the anti-Jewish community, now growing at a rapid rate, say that the Protocols of Zion have been 100% accurate in everything they have predicted to date. So, is the HST indeed a device taken straight out from the pages of the "Wise Men" of Zion?

On a side not, Gordon Campbell (Gordo) flew to the latest Bilderberg meeting in Europe at the expense of the B.C. taxpayers. Imagine that.

See a Vancouver mainstream media report on the Campbell-Harper-Zionist-Bilderberg alliance meeting here:

— T. Fitzpatrick